Top ICOs to Invest in February 2018 (week 2)

Top ICOs to Invest in February 2018 (week 2)

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Top ICOs to Invest in February 2018 (week 2)
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Hi everyone ! It has been a new week and we bet you’re longing for a new article released 😉 So we have written Top ICOs to Invest in February 2018 (week 2). Hope you guys find this article useful and share it to many more investors !


Current is an incentivized, blockchain-enabled streaming ecosystem that lets you choose how to stream and pay for your media. The team is creating a digital token and protocol that is a method of exchange for time, attention and data in the digital landscape. It’s starting with media, creating an all-in-one personalized experience that rewards users for streaming from the networks they love, like Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud and more.


Dether is the world’s first peer-to-peer ether network. It enables anyone who has a smartphone to buy and sell ether using cash and spend it at physical stores listed on the Dether map.

Dether breaks barriers to global blockchain adoption by creating a fully decentralized bridge between fiat currency and cryptocurrency – and eliminating all intermediaries.


Refereum is a distribution and growth platform that cuts out the marketing middleman, enables higher profits for developers, and directly rewards influencers and gamers to promote and play games.

It is creating platform and a system to reward influencers. Refereum’s token (RFR) will serve as a crypto and cash reward medium that influencers will earn as they help to promote products and services. Through this open-market approach, Refereum will be eliminating individual marketing deals.


MoxyOne is an ingenious solution to the issue of under utilised cryptocurrencies. It allows companies to incorporate within their ecosystems, a reliable financial infrastructure that gives their token holders an opportunity to spend their tokens. With features such as a debit card, wallet system and virtual debit card, users will be able to make purchases within company ecosystems and “real-world” merchants worldwide. SPEND token holders will have the opportunity to utilise the MoxyOne infrastructure with many benefits such as a rewards system and negligible fees.


The ehab platform is completely changing the way we build our world.

We are creating a digital framework which will decentralise the power and decision making from the largest players in urban development and hand it back to the people. Through the platform we will see incredible places co-created by experts and the people who will be living and working there. It will open up housing innovation and help scale the latest housing technologies to transform a sector which has lagged behind the rest of the world. We will enable everyone to invest in development and share in the profits from it. We will integrate AI and IoT into the platform, as it matures, to revolutionise the home and the city.

Peer Mountain

Peer Mountain is the first decentralized P2P trust marketplace that connects self-sovereign identity owners with regulatory-compliant service providers, and opens a new paradigm for how and where individuals and organizations conduct business.

Patent-pending technology enables individuals and organizations to create and own encrypted, verified records of their digital identities, relationships, and proof of activities. Consumers get effortless self-sovereign identity; service providers and institutions get swift, affordable compliance with data protection regulation.

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