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The Cream of the Crypto Crop: 10 Best Performing Assets in 2017

With 2017 now firmly in the rearview mirror, it is time to take stock of the best-performing digital currencies of the year. Bitcoin grabbed plenty headlines on its way to a brief stop at $20,000, but in terms of percentage gains, it doesn’t even crack the top 10. Older altcoins like Dash posted impressive gains, reaching a 13,900% return […]

Media Continues to Slam Bitcoin as CME Futures Market Opens, Price Slips 4%

Bitcoin futures are down as the world’s largest futures market, CME Group, opens trading. Immediately after trading began, Bitcoin futures contracts closing in January jumped to $20,800 before falling to $18,800 at press time. Contracts expiring in February, March and June are still priced at $20,000. Considering Bitcoin’s current spot price of $18,500, Wall Street still seems mildly bullish. Mainstream […]

Bitcoin trading starts on the huge CME exchange

Bitcoin has moved another step towards mainstream investing with the start of trading on the huge Chicago Mercantile Exchange financial futures market. It comes as the value of the digital currency approached $20,000 on Sunday, before drifting below $19,000. Last week, Chicago’s CBOE exchange began Bitcoin futures trading – bets on a future price – but […]

Bitcoin Markets Really Like CBOE Futures, Prices Spike Sharply

Despite speculation that Bitcoin futures would make the famously volatile asset easier to short, the launch of CBOE futures trading this evening sparked a huge rally for the currency. Futures trading began at 5 PM Central time on December 10 at a price of $15,000, matching the price of one Bitcoin on the Gemini exchange. As of press time, […]

Steam Stops Accepting Bitcoin Payments Citing Extreme Volatility, Fees

Today, Valve announced that the Steam gaming platform will no longer accept Bitcoin payments due to high fees and incredible volatility. Valve says transaction fees, which are passed on to the company by Bitcoin payment processor Bitpay, surpassed $20 last week. Transaction fees were only 20 cents last spring when Valve began accepting the digital currency […]

Bitcoin has Hacked the Attention Economy

The Crypto Singularity has Arrived Who doesn’t like an underdog? We now know that cryptocurrencies will radically alter the future of transactions, innovation and decentralized systems of globalization. For many global citizens, it’s a bit of a revelation and Bitcoin is the flag bearer. It’s so much so, search about Bitcoin has overshadowed everything else as its […]

Bitcoin Can Pay Your Traffic Fines in South Africa

A traffic fines administrator in South Africa has opened up the opportunity for their clients to pay outstanding fines in Bitcoin. The decision by Cornelia van Niekerk has been sparked by the massive mainstream drive Bitcoin recently felt, sparking many businesses into action to adopt. However, her company, Fines4U, are not adopting Bitcoin in the […]

Bitcoin Price Will Hit $20,000 Before Tanking: Financial Expert

Michael Spencer, CEO of NEX Group Plc, a London financial expert, sees bitcoin’s price reaching $20,000 before reversing steeply, joining the cadre of financial leaders who claim bitcoin is a bubble, Spencer told Bloomberg TV’s Guy Johnson in London that he has no idea if bitcoin’s price will double before it halves, but said it could hit $20,000 […]

How Bitcoin Became the World’s Biggest ICO

I’ve been in the Bitcoin world for a long time. Heard about it around 2010. Bought my first around 2013. Wrote an introductory book about it back in 2014. I’ve been preaching about the merits of Bitcoin for years, and like many early adopters, I’ve had mixed feelings about Wall Street’s recent obsession with Bitcoin. On […]

Keiser Envisions $100,000 Bitcoin High

While the price of multiple cryptocurrencies continue to see their values soar, the current price of Bitcoin suggests it is still very much the father of digital money. Max Keiser, host of Russia Today’s Keiser Report, agrees, and believes that Bitcoin will ultimately reach a price of $100,000.

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