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1/ How to submit ICO Event for FREE?

We are very happy to have chance promoting your ICO. All ICO Event submit is total FREE in our website, you don’t need to pay any fee to submit ICO event, just focus to your ICO content so everyone can find your business better! After submit, all ICOs will be listed on ICOs Event Listing.

For ICO Submission, please send full email with your ICO content to our ICO submit email at

After send ICO, we will publish it on our website within 1-2 business days after review, so make sure that you have good content for your ICO. Otherwise, your ico won’t be accepted.

After your ICO submitted, you will get email with account information that you can login and edit your ICO by yourself, edit ICO event content every time when you launch ICO.

2/ How to promo your ICO event with our network (Optional)?

a) Featured your ICO in our list

Both your Event will let everyone focus to your event, get better click rate than other ICOs

See example Featured Event that list on Event Listing via picture below


We are offering a very reasonable fee at 0.2 ETH for each ICO event to be submitted.

Our Ethereum (ETH) address0x9A7fFB7d4d47Fd58177429B165Ca0eFac0bE7A3E

After send Featured ICO fee, your ico will be featured within same day!

b) List your ICO event on our Home website!

As strong recommend when your event has many votes, good comments and ratings per a week or month, see it on Home Page.


You are always welcomed to be cooperated with us and we can even make your event featured right at Front Homepage for 1 week, with the total fee is 01 ETH. However, in return you will get strong traffics (we have more than 1000 unique visitors per a day) and your ICO will be more well-known on our fanpage with over 10K reaches.

Our Ethereum (ETH) address0x9A7fFB7d4d47Fd58177429B165Ca0eFac0bE7A3E

* Please notice that we only have 1 slot per a week, so this promo is very limited, contact us ASAP when you need this position!



Please kindly reply and let us know if you have more questions.

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