[Jan 1 2018] Altcoin events

[Jan 1 2018] Altcoin events

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[Jan 1 2018] Altcoin events
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We have collected and shared all the important altcoin events which will happen during Jan 1, so you won’t miss it !

Authorship (ATS) – Beta Program Start

Bitcore (BTX) – Weekly Airdrop

E4ROW (E4ROW) – Release Chrome Browser Version

Hawala.Today (HAT) – IFS Activated

Xios (XIOS) – Rebranding to Xuez Coin

Bitcore (BTX) – 5% Airdrop for BTX Holders

XP (XP) – New Roadmap

Linx (LINX) – Wallet Release

Open Trading Network (OTN) – Airdrop for OTN Holders

EmberCoin (EMB) – Informations About New Project – Swap

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