This is general questions and answers how to use our website to get up-to-date ICO events

1/ How can I see all ICO events?

=> Just visit this link https://icocoins.io/events/

2/ How can I see all up-coming ICO events?

=> Just visit this link https://icocoins.io/events/category/upcoming-icos/

3/ How can I see active ICO that everyone has more interested in?

=> Just visit this link https://icocoins.io/events/category/active-icos/

4/ How can I see featured ICO Event that ICOCoins team recommend?

=> Just see featured event on Homepage https://icocoins.io/

5/ How can I submit new ICO Event for my own ICO?

=> You can submit ICO Event at https://icocoins.io/submit-ico-event/

6/ How can I see ICO and Coin latest news?

=> Just go to https://icocoins.io/news/

7/ How can I find special ICO event info?

=> Just use Search function via https://icocoins.io/events/

For other questions that do not list above? You can get help via LiveChat in our website or direct email at info@icocoins.io