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Worldopoly is the world’s first mobile game combining AR, AI, Geolocation and Blockchain-technology. Players can buy streets, build houses, customize their properties and interact with other players. Furthermore, implementing Blockchain in compelling gameplay with strong mainstream appeal provides an ideal environment to learn about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in a risk-free manner.

The best thing: after 4 years of development is that we have a working prototype.


This is an example of modern AR-game, adapted for mobile devices with unique A.I. algorithm to recognize (shapes of) buildings


The game takes place on Google Maps basis


The presence of an internal economy: players are able to make profit while playing and integrate income in WPT into real crypto currency


Players can unite in clans, finance large expensive projects and damage buildings of other players


WTP token functionality

Game Currency
Use WPT tokens to purchase the project’s main estimated local currency called Coins

Base currency at auctions
The main currency for buying or selling items at auctions

Advertisement placement
Payment for advertisements for placement on objects owned by players

Exchange for real money
Purchase of a unique building, released for a event and as a reward in competitions

Events and competitions
WPT-tokens allow users to exchange on-site resources an in-game currency for real money

Access to additional functionality
Use advanced game functions and open hidden locations

White Paper

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April 23 2018


Date: April 23
Time: 12:00 am
Cost: 1WPT = 0.00015 ETH
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  • [2019 December - 2020 April] Implementing the opportunity to purchase resources and new types of facilities for urban improvement. Civilization creation, significant game world expansion and the ability to create own currency within the city
  • [2019 December - 2020 April] Personalization for end users and advertisers. The Creation of SDK & technology such as ARKit / ARCore for outdoor building/shape recognition.
  • [2019 April] Further AI integration. Smart Assistant launch (it can give recommendations and reminders to users, and also assist in a better understanding the game ). Text commands one-off actions (building repair, building improvement, etc.) further function introduction
  • [2019 March] Windows 10 support & release of Worldopoly in the Microsoft Store
  • [2019 February] New features, new options for in-game building improvement, new methods of interaction between players, as well as the introduction of unique objects
  • [2018 December] Users will be able to receive revenue from advertisements placed on their game objects, as well as, being able to place adverts of their own.
  • [2018 October / November - Stable Release] Stable Release of Worldopoly mobile app in the AppStore & PlayStore
  • [2018 September] Launch of in-game chat and push notifications of important game events, for example, when someone buys the most expensive building. Negative & positive influence on the value of the buildings in the area (For example, a brothel generates more money than a kiosk but, could increase the crime rate in the area, and as such, consequently depreciate the value of all the other buildings in the neighbourhood)
  • [2018 August - Beta Release] Beta Release of the Worldopoly mobile app with the economic system. The introduction of the token functions between players and the creation of an internal cryptocurrency exchange (centralized input-output to the real currency EUR/USD). Integration of AI for the recognition of shapes and buildings during which the AR will be tested.
  • [2018 July / August] Listing the WPT token on Exchanges, implementation of marketing strategies.
  • [2018 April / May] Launch of ICO, Worldopoly Token Sale, new in-game objects and auction for their sale will begin.

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