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Verasity is a disruptive new video sharing platform that rewards the entire community for their activity in the platform.

  • In the Verasity ecosystem, our patent pending “Proof of View” blockchain-based technology guarantees accurate audience metrics, ensuring the true value of content.
  • Video Creators earn directly from Viewers who use VERA coins to purchase pay-per-view videos, subscriptions, or donate.
  • Community members transact directly with each other using Verasity’s VERA coins. VERA is either bought or earned as a reward for watching and sharing videos.
  • Creators can use the innovative “Spark Marketplace” to fund development of their channel. Community members who buy and hold these “VeraSparks” receive a share of a channel’s future revenue.

Proof of View (PoVTM)

Verasity has developed a patent pending* Proof of View (PoV™) system, enabled through blockchain technology, to provide accurate, secure and auditable audience metrics.

These accurate audience metrics drive the true value of each view, ensuring the ecosystem retains a fair commercial relationship between Creators, Viewers, Advertisers and Brands.

Through this new, unique technology, the Verasity platform is able to fairly value content recommendations regardless of content type, audience demographic or a third party’s monetization strategy.


Within the Verasity ecosystem, video content Creators, Viewers, Advertisers and Brands interact directly with one another. All transactions are powered by VERA and therefore they are fast, secure and transparent.

There is no need for intermediaries that exist in traditional media ecosystems. Verasity retains all the value generated by the community within the ecosystem.

Platform Features

Blockchain, Secure Wallets, Internal Exchange

We are developing our own Delegated Proof of Stake Blockchain (based on the Graphene DPoS Blockchain) to provide a secure transaction ledger and power our video sharing economy, digital wallets and internal exchange.


Verasity users will see their VERA balance in realtime, and be able to seamlessly send and receive VERA across the Verasity platform. The VeraWallet is built into the VeraPlayer interface which will run across our video sharing platform.

Desktop wallet application

The desktop wallet application will allow users to safely store their VERA as well as act as Verafiers to verify transactions and participate in the creation of new blocks.


This component will provide the ability for users to buy and sell VERA easily. This ensures users will have a seamless experience when joining the ecosystem.

White Paper

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May 01 2018


Date: May 1
Time: 12:00 am
Cost: 1VRA = 0.00750 USD
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  • [2020] Scale platform to 15m VeraWallet holders
  • [2019] Launch mobile apps
  • Launch full version of video sharing website
  • Launch Spark Marketplace
  • Add advertising as a monetization option
  • [Q4 2018] Launch Spark Marketplace Beta
  • Launch Beta of Video sharing website
  • Launch beta of consumer platform to a select group of Creators
  • Launch VeraPay
  • [Q3 2018] Release and test Verasity Blockchain
  • Release VeraWallet
  • Convert VERA onto Verasity Blockchain
  • Launch CMS and Analytics
  • Expand team of engineers
  • [Q2 2018] Release Player Prototype accepting VERA
  • - DeliveredRelease Verafier Apps minting VERA
  • - OngoingFundraise through private sale
  • - OngoingLaunch Public sale
  • - Release Wallet prototype
  • [Q1 2018] Creation of Foundation structure - Delivered
  • Release VeraPlayer prototype - Delivered
  • Announcement of project, publish white paper - Delivered
  • Published Economics Paper - Delivered
  • Launch Public sale website - Delivered
  • [Q3 2017] ounders identified opportunity for blockchain based video platform and started investigations - Delivered
  • Adapted an existing white label UDP video player and CDN which has proven scale - Delivered
  • UDP Video Player technology built into Chromium. TCP fall-back integrated into player for seamless use on non-UDP enabled browsers - Delivered

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