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How it works

Sandblock enables businesses to convert loyalty points, coupons and vouchers into crypto assets, they become tradable and have a real market value!

The Satisfaction Protocol

Built on top of the Ethereum’s blockchain, it creates an autonomous consortium which connects businesses and customers together by leveraging the power of the blockchain and Smart Contracts.


Businesses · One click subscription

We provide our expertise in blockchain and cryptocurrencies to enable businesses to enjoy the power of the Satisfaction protocol with a classic subscription using fiat currencies.

By subscribing, businesses can implement all the services below in one click and let us purchase Satisfaction tokens, create their Branded tokens and manage it for them.

Eliminating the complexity of the blockchain for businesses which don’t have the technical expertise is a key element in the technology adoption.

Loyalty programs · Autonomous and tradable

We are putting an end to wallets full of loyalty cards. All loyalty programs based on the Satisfaction protocol are tokenized, making them autonomous and moreover, tradable between peers without limits!

Feedback · Verified and rewarded customer reviews

The protocol can ensure that merchants only get reviewed by real customers, no more fake reviews!

Customers are rewarded for their engagement while their reviews help merchants to better understand their strengths and weaknesses and improve their overall customer experience.

Games · Engaging customers beyond shopping

Using their Branded tokens, businesses can create any kind of games to engage their customers beyond the usual services they provide.

Branded tokens are used to authenticate customers, to reward them for their engagement and incentivize them to remain loyal through fun and interactive games.

Marketplace · Trade and discover branded tokens

We are creating a marketplace for all customers willing to barter their branded tokens instantly. The marketplace will be powered by artificial intelligence to provide instant trading capabilities.

Imagine exchanging your coffee shop tokens against airline company tokens!

Introducing the Satisfaction Token

The SAT is a tradable cryptocurrency (ERC20) on the Ethereum blockchain. It is the bridge between the consortium and the rest of the world’s economy.

Each Business creates its own Branded Token pegged to the SAT. Branded Tokens are created using SATs purchased on public markets (exchanges).

Branded Tokens confer various rights and capabilities to customers such as paying, voting, rating or accessing premium features.

White Paper

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March 28 2018
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Date: March 28
Time: 2:00 pm
Cost: 1ETH = 3000 SAT (+ tier bonus)
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  • [2018 - Q4]
  • Consortium - 10k+ shops - Intensify merchants acquisition, target 10k+ online and physical points of sale from merchants partners using the Satisfaction protocol.
  • Protocol - Development and implementation of the advanced feedback protocol and the CSR protocol to help merchants engage more their customers through feedback and donations.
  • Application - release 1.1- Development and implementation of the Marketplace to barter Merchant Tokens directly within the application.
  • Dashboard - release 1.1- Upgrade of the merchant dashboard to handle automatic token generation and Smart Contracts deployement. Implement the new protocol features for merchants.
  • [2018 - Q3]
  • Consortium - 2k+ shops - First public merchant offer is release, target 2k+ online and physical points of sale from merchants partners using the Satisfaction protocol.
  • Protocol - release : The first version of the protocol is released on the Ethereum main net. Pilot merchants programs are migrated from the test net to the main net.
  • Application - release 1.0 - Release of the first version of the public application on the iOS appstore and the Android playstore using the protocol on the Ethereum main net.
  • Dashboard - release 1.0 - Release the forst version of the public dashboard open to registration for merchants and brands.
  • [2018 - Q2]
  • Partnerships - 500+ shops: SAT crowdsale finished and token distributed, SAT becomes tradable on exchanges. Partnership with 500+ points of sale and early adopters (brands, merchants, payment providers). Constitution of the merchants pilot group.
  • Protocol - public beta: Audit of the first public implementation of the Satisfaction protocol. Contracts are deployed on the Ethereum Ropsten test network for public beta testing.
  • Application - public beta - Release of the first version of the public application on the iOS appstore and the Android playstore using the protocol in beta phase on the test network.
  • Dashboard - private beta - Tests of the Merchant dashboard begin with the merchants pilot group
  • [2018 - Q1]
  • Public crowdsale : The Sandblock project runs a public crowdsale to emit the Satisfaction Tokens and create the liquity for the future merchant partners.
  • Protocol - private alpha: Audit of the first implementations of the Satisfaction protocol. Development of the feedback protocol. Contracts are deployed on the Ethereum Ropsten test network for internal/private testing.
  • Application - Development of the mobile application on iOS and Android. The first version includes the account and wallet setup, cryptocurrency payment using ETH, Merchant Tokens/loyalty programs management and merchant private feedback.
  • Merchant dashboard - Development of the web dashboard dedicated to Merchants in order to help them integrate cryptocurrency payments, create, manage and configure their Merchant Tokens and its features.

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