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Rexpax is the first in the world “Home Online”. Our app enables you to organize your items into digital “rooms” and “shelves”, rent them, sell or give away to your neighbor. This way we are building a digital platform for sharing economy, facilitating real exchange of goods and services in crypto environment, creating social bonds between users and bringing millions of people to rip the benefits of blockchain and crypto transactions.

Our platform is based on the principles of openness, trust and security thanks to blockchain, which secures transactions and prevents fraud. Rexpax creates a new paradigm of how people own items: items connect people! Today the ownership is not only limited to your house – you are given access to the items, resources and people near you. Therefore, we create “a new market of items and resources”, available for every Internet user and allowing people to save their money by not buying items which they rarely need and earning with what they already have.


According to the survey, Millennials or Generation Y value mobility. They are fond of sharing: files, video games, music, knowledge. They buy luxury goods less often than their parents and they more often choose services that provide access to items which eliminate the burden of ownership.


Based on the Nielsen study, 68% of people are ready to share their belongings and services with each other. Taking a 2 billion Facebook audience as a base, 68% is about 1,5 billion people each of them having at least 10 items to share. Therefore, at least 15 billion items can be permanently stored on the Internet. This is an incredibly huge market.

Build Your Own Home Online

  • Organize Items by Rooms
  • Organize your items by locations or types.
  • Digitize Your Items
  • Add as many items as you wish. Track and manage them.
  • Secret Rooms
  • Keep items in private rooms.
  • Well-Arranged Homes Lead to Well-Arranged Lives
  • Organize your items into groups to get the most of them: “Sell”, “Rent out”, “Give away”, “Repair”, “My creative projects”, etc. Relocate your items as often as needed.

White Paper

Share to your friends!
December 05 2017
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Date: December 5
Time: 9:00 am
Cost: 1ETH = 46,500 Rex
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  • [2020] Entering the market of Europe -Product functionality expansion: marketplace adding
  • [Nov 2018] Full product launch. USA
  • [April 2018] Rexpax beta version. Belarus
  • [Jan 2018] ICO Initial coin offering
  • [5 Dec 2017] Rexpax Presale; REXX token
  • [Feb 2016] Successful MVP testing within the Rexpax community
  • [2015] Product development start. Participation in Web Summit in Dublin
  • [2014] Executive MBA Project Defence (Kozminski Academy, Warsaw)
  • [2013] Concept creation of P2P platform for communication and items exchange

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