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Photochain uses blockchain technology to reinvent photostocks around the buyers and the sellers. It is a decentralized, peer-to-peer stock photography platform on blockchain with fair conditions, attractive incentivation mechanisms, lowest fees in the market and full control over the content, price and license type for the photographer.


Blockchain allows fully secure and verifiable transactions for both buyers and sellers. You can trust your works are safe.


Digital works are encrypted and stored on the decentralized database. No central business controls your uploaded photography.


The DApp is to be used exclusively for trading photography. We use bots to ensure only acceptable content is listed.


Your work is permanently linked to your identity throughout the blockchain. This and machine learning plus our active community, protect you against fraud

Photochain is created around 4 key pillars.

P2P Marketplace
We want buyers and sellers determine their own terms of sale, so we allow them to trade directly with one another. Using blockchain to remove the need for costly processing, we guarantee photographers to receive 95% of the earnings from their works.

Easy Onboarding
A simple identity verification for all photographers. Unlike with traditional photostocks which require lots of prerequisites, a user can be actively selling work in minutes. The removal of prerequisites further allows the platform to be fully accessible and profitable to hobby, amateur and professional photographers alike.

Digital Copyright Chain
Our decentralized database ensures each uploaded photo is hashed into the blockchain and permanently linked to its owner. This link cannot be changed removed or manipulated in any way. Any further uploaded image is also hashed and compared to the existing DCC for copyright fraud. Additionally due to the permanent link, any misuse of the image outside of paid licenses is easily detectable.

Crypto Economy
We are helping to build a crypto economy, where we have more control over our data. A fairer economy where you are rewarded for your work. We believe photographers deserve fair compensation for their efforts and their creativity

PHOTON Token (PHT) is the means of reward in the Photochain Ecosystem and represents the tokenization of digital visual works.
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April 06 2018
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Date: April 6
Time: 12:00 am
Cost: 1PHT = 0.00017 ETH
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  • [Q3 2018] Continual improvement
  • Photochain DApp as standalone client on all common operating systems
  • [Q2 2018] Operation
  • Photochain DApp Version 1.0 on the Ethereum
  • Mainnet
  • Trading of the PHT Tokens at Crypto Exchanges
  • [Q1 2018] Main Sale event (ICO)
  • Publishing of new collaboration partners
  • Regulatory compliance for our Main Sale Event
  • [February 2018] Transition
  • Preparation for Main Sale Event
  • Compliance and regulations
  • Developing a more comprehensive Photochain DAPP version
  • [January 2018] Private Pre-Sale preparations
  • Private Pre-Sale at special discounts for early supporters
  • Enhanced documentation and planning
  • New team members
  • Community growing
  • New partnerships
  • [December 2017] Pre-Sale preparations
  • Private Pre-Sale at special discounts for eraly supporters
  • [April 2017] Idea
  • Idea, business case and market research

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