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July 01 2018


Start: July 1 @ 8:00 am
End: October 1 @ 5:00 pm
Cost: 1KON = 0,01 USD
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  • [January 2017] Founders formulate the idea of the Konios platform
  • [March 2017] The solution for the exchange principle Face-2-Face is developed
  • [July 2017] New team members join the project
  • [September 2017] Start Whitepaper
  • [October 2017] Start Website Development
  • [November 2017] Strong Support by the Advisors
  • [December 2017] Start Platform Development
  • [January 2018] Completion of whitepaper
  • [March 2018] Presale
  • [April 2018] Start Airdrop
  • [July 2018] Start ICO
  • [October 2018] Token Distribution
  • [December 2018] Konios Platform APP Test Release
  • [March 2019] Launch Beta Version Konios Platform. Start Reward system
  • [May 2019] Announcement Konios Platform
  • [July 2019] Completion of Beta Version Konios Trading
  • [September 2019] Announcement Konios Trading
  • [December 2019] Announcement Konios Data
  • [January 2020] KON share of the team is released.

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