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Iconic Ecosystem

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Iconic Ecosystem
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Iconic ecosystem is an environment for financing businesses and projects by offering their electronic assets through blockchain technology (Initial Coin Offerings – ICO). Planned as an ecosystem to drive promising businesses through decentralized trust financing, Iconic enters the environment while a movement of evolution and exponential skipping take place.

Iconic presents, through the three environments of its ecosystem, a complete channel for making investments in impacting businesses with safety services and guarantees unheard of in the industry. With this, we call on the community to jointly build an integrated, stable and secure path for decentralized technology to reach its full potential.


It was born with a very clear mission in mind: the formation of an integral ecosystem for the realization of ICOs, in which the launching and raising of resources for a project, with the subsequent sale in a secondary market, do not represent the end but the beginning of all. By the joining of 3 distinct but interconnected and interacting elements, the Iconic’s ecosystem is formed:


The mission of forming a complete environment for the development of ICOs pointed us to the need to create a coin-token to serve all the internal functions of the ecosystem and that could, at the same time, also serve as an instrument for the entire structure of formation and expansion of Iconic to various markets. The NIC, was created having that in mind. Because it is fundamental to the Iconic project, the NIC has several uses within its ecosystem.

White Paper

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May 01 2018


Date: May 1
Time: 12:00 am
Cost: 1ETH = 30,310 NIC
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  • [OCT/2018] Environment Managers begin to register
  • [SEP/2018] Assurance: release of the final version - First receipt of ballast ressources
  • ICO #2
  • [AUGUST/2018] Trading: release of the final version - Environment: release of the final version - ICO #2 launch and Pre-ICO - Ballast fund DAO release
  • [JUL/2018] Delivery MVP Assurance - ICO #1
  • [JUN/2018] Delivery Environment MVP
  • ICO #1 Launch and Pre-ICO - ICO #3 e ICO #4 announcement
  • [MAY/2018] Delivery of Trading MVP - Opening for new ICOs registration
  • [APR/2018] NIC delivery to the investors in PRE-SALE - NIC delivery do the investors in ICO - Beginning of the development of the ballast fund DAO
  • Beginning of full development of the ecosystem
  • [MAR/2018] ICONIC'S ICO - ICO #2 announcement - MVP development
  • [FEB/2018] PRE-SALE - ICO #1 announcement

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