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EQUI is an equity investment platform designed to bring professional investors and individuals together to help fund the innovators of tomorrow in realising their business ambitions and making their mark on the future.

Utilising EQUItokens, investors are able to buy stakes in emerging, entrepreneurial companies, and benefit from great investment returns and rewards. EQUI is launching an ICO for early adopters who wish to support our vision.

The EQUItoken sale will enable the acceleration of technical development and all other aspects of the business, including infrastructure and recruitment of additional personnel.

EQUI unifies the venture capital market with blockchain technology to bring an exciting propriety platform, which will transform investment opportunities. It will allow individuals to invest alongside established entrepreneurs and share in the rewards and successes of building the next generation of visionary companies.

EQUI Vision
Investing in visionary ventures with the potential to disrupt markets often reaps remarkable rewards as they emerge into tomorrow’s market leaders. Such rewards are often restricted to an elite that are privileged with accessibility. EQUI is breaking down the barriers of accessibility and delivering the investment portal of the future. EQUI will offer financial choice, flexibility and control.

Our revolutionary investment platform fused with blockchain technology will leverage the power of the global community to provide backing to entrepreneurial businesses. EQUI has the ability to accelerate growth and return significant value for stakeholders through the use of its team’s established network and resource availability.

EQUI is destined to become the leading hub for new and experienced investors wanting to be a part of the next game changing ventures.

EQUItokens give you the opportunity to invest into projects showcased on the EQUI platform, and receive a proportion of any profit. You may also simply hold the token for long term value or use it to trade.

Potential Benefit Comparison

  • Token Value Increase
    Project Investment
    Direct Project Return
    EQUIcredit Rewards

Investors who commit EQUItokens to opportunities on the EQUI platform will receive 70% of the profits generated.

There is no limit to the number of projects that been chosen to invest in.

As an added reward, Investors will receive a further allocation of EQUItokens via the EQUIcredits loyalty system, which is calculated as 5% of the number of EQUItokens invested.


Token Value Increase
Indirect Project Return
Direct Project Return
EQUIcredit Rewards

Holders who purchase EQUItokens and keep them on the EQUI platform uninvested will receive 5% of profits generated from the portfolio of realised investments. This is providing tokens are held for 3 months prior to distribution.


Token Value Increase
Project Investment
Direct Project Return
EQUIcredit Rewards

Traders who purchase EQUItokens and buy and sell them on third party exchanges receive enhancements in the token price.

White Paper

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March 08 2018
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Date: March 8
Time: 12:00 am
Cost: 1EQUI = 0.50 USD
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  • [FUTURE PLANS Q3 2018] Native platform application for android and iOS
  • Potential integration with crypto exchanges -Secondary market project exchange
  • [FUTURE PLANS Q2 2018 (PHASE 2)] Integrate new crypto deposit methods
  • Integrate fiat deposits - Integrate PSD2 protocol to link EQUI platform with bank accounts
  • Start exchange discussions
  • [FUTURE PLANS Q3 2018] Native platform application for android and iOS
  • Potential integration with crypto exchanges - Secondary market project
  • [FUTURE PLANS Q2 2018 (PHASE 1)] Platform beta – launched for testing
  • Platform launch - Investment projects added to platform
  • [MARCH-APRIL 2018] Pre ICO (1 – 8 Mar)
  • ICO starts (8 Mar) - ICO closes (31 Mar)
  • EQUItoken distribution (5 Apr)
  • User registration - Deposit/withdrawal of funds
  • [JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2018] Security audit (2)
  • ICO announcement - Promotional activities

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