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ENDO Protocol

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ENDO Protocol
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ENDO Protocolis a Protocol that solves the problem of certified information tracking and encrypted data storage. The ENDO ecosystem allows organisations and users to participate in information and service exchange through the ENDO Token. All applications of this system have one goal – to create a single secure and certified environment for all important data. All your personal,  corporate and publicly available information about education, identity, medical records and the like – can be controlled through the ENDO Platform. The platform will provide protected access of your stored information to third parties of your choice. Organisations can connect their own applications to the ENDO Platform through API to intertrade information, and users will receive ENDO Tokens as a reward for granting access to their data.
The alpha version of the first ENDO-based application has already been launched and successfully operates with some of Europe’s largest coaching, transportation and delivery companies, and universities. Basic functions that are available to clients include the creation and publication of documents in trial networks, cancellation procedures, distributed document confirmation, upload and allocation, as well as an open Application Programming Interface (API) and the industry-standard protocol for authorization OAuth to ensure an easy and secure way to publish and interact with secure data, and its integration with institutions.

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June 20 2018


Start: June 20 @ 8:00 am
End: August 25 @ 5:00 pm
Cost: 1ET = 0,375USD
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  • [2013-2016] Team formation, Successful implementation of 80+ outsourcing projects (IT development, digital production), GoFocus LMS platform launch, PiperCat service for marketing automation and autofunnels building launch
  • [2017] Idea formalization, Customer development, Platform testnet private launch, ENDO Documents MVP, First integrations connected to ENDO Documents
  • [Q1 2018] Private presentations with market whales, Shipping company connected to ENDO Workflow 15, 20+ companies confirmed integration, Platform code optimization
  • [Q2 2018] Marketing campaign, Roadshow, Platform interface MVP, Token Sale
  • [Q3 2018] Platform testnet public launch, ERC-20 token distribution, ENDO KYC App beta, ENDO Documents App public version launch
  • [Q4 2018] Platform main net launch, ERC-20 token to ENDO Token exchange, MyENDO launch, ENDO Scoring mechanism launch, ENDO Workflow app public launch, Protocol patent registration
  • [2019] EOS Smart Contracts integration, Multi-blockchain architecture, ENDO Reviews app launch, ENDO Logs app launch, Integrations support
  • [2020] Government support, Apps updates

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