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Blok is designed to replace the outdated hierarchical workforce model, leading the charge to a productive, modern, and agile workforce. Blokpreneurs can browse all of the offer provided by companies, assign relevant offers to themselves, mark them as complete and get paid in BLO tokens. Blok uses smart contracts to eliminate friction regarding time, cost, quality, and transparency in matching workers and employers.



When platforms monopolize power within the gig economy, workers are at risk for exploitation. Blok democratizes the gig economy by working with platforms rather than against them and by empowering workers.


Companies struggle providing quick payment to workers and sometimes take substantial fees as intermediaries. Blok allows workers to take home money and shrink payment cycles from biweekly to instantly.


Traditional corporate hierarchical is an outdated business model that concentrates power at the expense of workers. Decentralized and dynamic contracting will allow the market to remain competitive and lowers the risk of exploitation.


Companies will look to technology to transform their people and organizations into a highly adaptable enterprise. Blok platform makes it easy to connect with verified workers across the globe instantly, creating a liquid workforce.


Government and corporate bureaucracy hinder productivity.Decentralization is the only hedge against constraints on companies and workers. As the global economy continues to grow, bureaucracy is a threat to resilience, innovation, and initiative.

Static Teams

In the age of dynamic transformation, teams must transcend the organizational chart. Static teams produce static results and in the on-demand workplace, this can cause a company to fall behind.


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April 10 2018
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Date: April 10
Time: 12:00 am
Cost: 1ETH = 5700 BLO
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  • [2019 H1] Economic expansion
  • Fulfilling the promise of Blok of enabling blokpreneurs all over the world to join the gig economy, expanding in different markets and industries, developing innovative products to foster gig economy growth.
  • [Q4 2018] Partner integrations, scaling up
  • Integrating with a significant amount of gig economy companies, iterating and improving on the official client apps and core protocol.
  • [Q3 2018] Client apps launch
  • Launching minimum viable products for browsing, managing and getting paid through the web, phone and tablet apps for blokpreneurs.
  • [Q2 2018] Client apps launch
  • Launching minimum viable products for browsing, managing and getting paid through the web, phone and tablet apps for blokpreneurs.
  • [Q1 2018]Assembling the team, pre-ICO
  • Assembling majority of the international team behind Blok, developing the concepts of operation of the Blok protocol, doing the private token sales and pre-ICO.
  • [Q4 2017] Origin
  • Blok idea is created within the Lutrovnik R&D consultancy through working with gig economy companies and observing their operating processes and unsolved needs.

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