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Autobay is the first ecommerce platform based on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to sell, buy and auction vehicles using cryptocurrencies as payment method.

It allows you to buy, sell and auction new and used cars from private sellers and dealerships from all over the world in the largest blockchain based e-commerce environment.  You will be able to pay with cryptocurrencies for the car you want with low transaction rates and with the security of a cash free payment process.

Autobay will allow user reviews to create the ideal environment for safe and secure transactions to happen, allowing buyers to get reviews on sellers and dealerships.  Sellers on the other hand will boost their sales through a backend platform that will allow them, among other tools, to see statistics on each posted vehicle and the list of interested potential buyers.



The Autobay Dapp and website allows you to search for the car you want, adding filters to customize your search i.e. for brand, model, year, milage and distance so you can adjust to find results of cars, motorcycles or trucks within i.e. a 20 mile radius.


Once you have found the car you are interested in, by clicking “I’m interested” you get the sellers address and profile and the seller obtains your profile information, so he knows before hand who is going to visit the car. This helps dealerships get organized and understand the demand of each of their vehicles.


Once you have seen the car and you decide to buy it, there is no need for cash, Autobay allows you to give an advanced payment or directly pay with Autobay Tokens (ABX), Bitcoins (BTC) orEthereum (ETH) with no need of cash payment, making Autobay the safest way to buy a car.

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May 09 2018
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Date: May 9
Time: 12:00 am
Cost: 1ABX = 0.0001 ETH
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  • [Q3 2020] Marketing Campaign for Official Stores.
  • [Q4 2020] Launching official Stores for Car Manufacturers within the platform.
  • [Q2 2020] Offering other car manufactures the possibility of opening an Official Store.
  • [Q1 2020] Launching 3 Official Stores on a beta testing for 4 months.
  • [Q4 2019] Marketing Campaign for those 3 Official Stores.
  • [Q3 2019] Offering 3 Car manufacturers an Official Store inside the platform to test for a period of 4 months.
  • [Q2 2019] Launch of Auction platform.
  • [Q1 2019] Marketing campaign for Autobay Auction.
  • [Q4 2018] Autobay website & Dapp Platform Launch.
  • [Q3 2018] Decentralized platform and Dapp Beta Trial. Marketing campaign for the platform.
  • [Q2 2018] Pre Sale & Crowdsale launch - Reward Auction granted.
  • [Q1 2018] Autobay promoted in websites and Social Networks.
  • [Q4 2017] Autobay ABX Token created. Tokensale website developed.
  • [Q1 2017] Product concept developed. Company founded, Team Assembled.

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