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Auctus – The world’s first retirement plan platform with traditional and cryptocurrency assets, powered by smart contracts & robo advisory. Auctus is a leading smart contract-powered retirement planning platform, which allows users to create diversified portfolios, consisting of traditional asset classes and cryptocurrencies.

The Auctus Platform brings retirement savers from around the world together, providing a trustless marketplace where users can create and exchange tailored retirement apps and services. The platform furthermore provides information and fee transparency, as well as access to analytic tools and robo advisory, allowing the user to take well informed decisions.

We use smart contracts to provide a result-oriented, transparent and low fee structure. AUC Tokens stay in a trustless escrow and fees are paid only for periods that robo-advisor predictions are right.
Auctus will use blockchain to provide a permanent track record of all suggested portfolio allocations and robo-advisor predictions. So you can explore robo-advisor performance by comparing expected vs actual returns and against our competitors.


Every user of the Auctus Platform will need to have a certain amount of AUC token in escrow to use its services.

Furthermore, all payments on the marketplace will have to be settled in AUC token.

Individuals and companies offering their services or products on the marketplace will be paid in AUC token only.


The Auctus Platform will provide users with the tools and services needed to achieve their retirement goals faster. The fundamental purpose of the AUC Token is to provide a result-oriented, transparent and low fee structure, aligning the interest of human and robo advisors with savers’ goals and ensuring transparency. The multi-purpose token was designed to fuel the platform and create a balanced ecosystem.


  • Smart Contract Powered Fee Structure
  • Blockchain Robo and Human Advisor Tracking Record
  • Fee transparency
  • Decentralization of ownership, decision making and operational processes

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March 27 2018
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Date: March 27
Time: 2:00 pm
Cost: 1ETH = 2000 AUC
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Website: Visit Event Website


  • Q3 2019 ● Jupiter Release
  • Q2 2019 ● Minerva Release
  • Q1 2019 ● Phoebus Release (tokenized assets)
  • ● Traditional Asset Management Licenses
  • Q4 2018 ● Ceres Release (cryptocurrency assets)
  • Q3 2018 ● Beta Release (analytics & advisory)
  • Q2 2018 ● Alpha promotion (feedback & adjustments)
  • ● Development of Beta Platform
  • ● Partnership with exchanges
  • Q1 2018 ● Strategic Partnerships
  • ● Company Incorporation
  • ● Alpha Release
  • ● Launch of Main Token Sale

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