Bitcoin Prices Plunged by 20%, U.S Courts Seeks 14,000 User Date from Coinbase It looks like finally, the euphoria circulating the unstoppable surge in Bitcoin prices has ended! In just a matter of 24 hours, Bitcoin prices have plunged by 20% and extreme wild fluctuations and volatility are being seen again in Bitcoin prices.

Bitcoin Price Hits $10,000

Bitcoin has finally surmounted the greatest psychological barrier of all, passing $10,000 and showing no signs of stopping. Following a week of consolidating at all-time high levels around $8,000, Bitcoin found the strength to move up powerfully over the Thanksgiving weekend. Black Friday saw the currency hit new highs in the upper $8,000s before surmounting the $9,000 […]

Oversupply of Bitcoin Will Burst the Bubble?

A recent analysis regarding supply and demand suggests that the end of the Bitcoin bull run will come not as a result of lack of buyers but because of an overabundance of supply. The supply, according to the analyst, will come through new and varied ways to trade Bitcoin and from Bitcoin hard forks. The analysis stems from the […]

Bittrex Issues a Warning About Cryptocurrency Pump and Dumps

Pump and dumps, which have long been synonymous with cryptocurrency markets, are facing a clampdown. Bittrex has emphasized its determination to combat the practice, which persists on several exchanges. In an update to its terms of service, Bittrex reiterated that it takes a dim view of pump and dump schemes, and will suspend accounts found […]

Cryptocurrency Market Cap Breaches $300 Bln, BTC Dominates

The cryptocurrency market cap has breached $300 bln, according to, with gains in many of the major currencies, particularly as  Bitcoin price has jumped over $9,500. The market cap has been driven by a number of factors, but Bitcoin continues to maintain a 53 percent dominance in the total cap.

Litecoin Price Hits Record High Amidst Very Solid Cryptocurrency Market

The price of the virtual currency Litecoin reaches an all-time high of $87 per token on as of press time, amidst the sustained solid performance of the cryptocurrency market. It is projected that the price of the digital currency could even surpass the $100 level before the year ends. - Multi Currency Exchange. BTC ETH LTC BNB. High Liquidity with High Performance Start Trading
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